Kollel Kotel


Kollel Kotel

Tzilo Shel Heichal (aka Kollel Kotel) is a special and unique Torah institution in the heart of the Old City in Jerusalem. Founded almost 7 years ago by Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl, the goal of Kollel Kotel is to bring Torah back to the holy city of Jerusalem and serve as a place of learning for Jews of all backgrounds. Today, there over 500 students learning with intensity just steps away from where the Beis Hamikdash once stood.

Kollel Kotel is called “Klal Yisrael’s Beis Medrash” — the study hall for the entire Jewish people. All streams and stripes of Torah Judaism find their natural place here including chassidim, litvish, sefardim, mizrachim, chardal etc.  Anyone and everyone is accepted to learn here as long as they adhere to the Kollel’s rules.

Every style of learning can be found within its walls. Rav Nebenzahl believes with all his heart that every single person has the duty and the privilege of taking part in its spiritual construction and invites you to be part of this amazing institution.

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You hold in your hand the merit and the ability to fulfill the request “And build Jerusalem... and may our eyes behold Your return to Zion in compassion.” This is a rare opportunity that not all generations have been privileged to have: to take part in the spiritual defense and construction of the Jewish people’s holiest site.

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