Kollel Kotel

A Special Place…

What Makes Kollel Kotel Unique

Torah Learning

As Rav Nebenzahl’s brilliance and Torah knowledge spread quickly, he was called to teach Torah widely in the institutions in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. Inside its walls, he raised up thousands of students, who thirstily drink in his words to this very day. He also connected thousands of teenagers from the United States who came to the Land of Israel after graduating high school to a year of charging their spiritual batteries. These young men might have thought that they would be done after a year, but the reality proved to be different. Once they had met Rav Nebenzahl in person and seen his brilliance, his love of Israel, his unreserved warmth, and his utter devotion to the Torah, they began a connection with him that has lasted for decades. Thus Torah comes forth from Zion, as Rav Nebenzahl’s lessons are distributed each week to thousands of his students around the world.